If You Don’t Know The Posture Principle… You’re In Trouble!

So what the heck is the posture principle?  Honestly it’s just some fancy name I gave to something so that you are always aware of it. Posture

Basically what I am talking about is how your body is positioned when you run and take off.  It’s crazy to think how much professional jumpers lose on their jumps if their posture is wrong.

In the video below, I share exactly what this is, what to watch out for, and how much the pros actually lose on their jumps if they aren’t aware of the posture principle.

For younger jumpers this is a BIG deal, and it’s something you have to really focus on if you want to jump higher and farther.

So check out the video below, to learn about the posture principle.


Make sure to keep this principle in mind when you head into training.  It’s that important.