How To High Jump Higher With Charles Austin

So I’m sure you’ve asked yourself… how can I high jump higher? Well, I’ve got something special that will help you do just that. An interview with Charles Austin.

If you don’t know, Charles is the U.S. And Olympic record holder in the high jump. He set the Olympic record by winning a Gold medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

And Charles is here to talk about how he did it and how you can jump higher.

Here’s the coolest part about this interview…

Charles and I dove into the part of the event that most people never really look at, but is the key to jumping as high as you can.

Charles shared not only what he did physically for training, but how he looked at the event mentally and emotionally.

That’s VERY important because the high jump is 90% mental.

Now I know, you might be thinking… ugh… I don’t care about the mental stuff, just give me drills and exercises.

Well, Charles does that too. But, the drills won’t do a thing if your mind isn’t in the right place.

So if you really do want to high jump higher, then watch this private interview with Charles Austin.