Video Analysis

We've decided to now offer video analysis of your jumps.

The video analysis will be recorded, and Coach Rokeach will personally go through the video of your jump(s) and break down each element to show you what you are doing right, and what areas need improvement.

The video analysis will be personally tailored to you, and will include...

Slow motion breakdown(s)

Audio Voice over

Tips, tricks, and critiques to get the most out of your jumps.

Do I really need this?

Well, if you really want to take things to the next level… then yes.

Think about this... how many times have you had an amazing jump or PR and not captured it on video? You're left guessing what it was that you did so well.


How many times have you had a jump that didn't go so well, and your coach wasn't around to help you? You were probably left, to trying to figure it out yourself, or a teammate give some quick advice.

With our video review, you won't have to worry about any of that.

You just let us know what jump you want us to record and we will do that. Then it will be sent to Coach Rokeach and he will do the breakdown for you.

Oh, and a little side note… Coach Rokeach has been jumping/ coaching and involved in the jumps for 20 years.  So you will have the eye of a specialist going through your jump.


How This Works

So lets say you are only going to do one event.  Then all you have to do is let us know what event that is, and when you want us to record a jump and that's what we will do.

If you are doing two events, then let us know what events and what jump from each event you would like us to record.

The same goes for 3 events.

You can choose below how many video reviews you want.

If you want multiple video reviews of just one event that is fine too.  You just have to let us know when you check in at the event or at registration.

Available Events For Video Analysis

Just Choose The Option You Want Below...

So if you really want to take your jumping to whole different level, than choose which video analysis option is best for you below.

Choose How Many You Want