What Is The Jumpers Combine...

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***NOTE - This Is Not A Clinic.  Please watch the video/ read below to see what this is.***

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We've decided to add one more thing to The Flight Fest.

That is a jumpers combine.  

I'm guessing you've heard of a football combine where athletes go out perform specific events to showcase what they can do.

Well, we decided to do the same thing but do it based around the jumping events. chris triple jump

After years of testing our jumpers we've found 6 events that are an amazing guide to let us know what type of jumper we have on our hands. We usually test these events in the beginning, middle, and end of the season to see how our jumpers have progressed.

The other thing we realized is that these numbers are a great recruiting tool. These are the types of numbers that coaches at higher levels look at also.

So we decided to organize a jumpers combine where we will test you in 6 main events, and then record your performances so you have them as a resource for yourself, coaches, or possibly for recruiting.

Here Are The 6 Events You Get To Do...

Other Details...

Should I Do This?

Yup.  It's another day of competition.  You get to compete against yourself, and you get to see what others are going to be able to do with there six events.

And…how else are you going to know what your strongest and weakest areas are in the jumps?  You've got to test things to find out.  This will show exactly what you are great at and where to focus, and do it without beating up your body.

Did you know this is what higher levels coaches are looking for? You'll stand out compared to other athletes who are just relying on the old fashioned ways.

Lastly this is a one time offer at this price.  So if you pass on it here, you will have the opportunity to register for it at the event, but the fee will be $100.

Here are a few other reasons why this might be good for you...

  • You Can Use This As A Recruiting Tool To Get Noticed
  • You Can Use This As A Baseline To Improve On For The Next Time
  • You Get To Compete Against Other Jumpers
  • We Are Recording And Handling Everything For You
  • It's A Jumpers Combine… No One Else Is Doing This

Here's How To Sign up...

So if you want to do the jumpers combine then it's really easy to sign up for.  Just click the add to cart button below.  Remember though, this is a special rate for the Jumpers Combine if you sign up now. If you wait until the day of the Flight Fest or the Combine, the price will double.

And if you are still not sure if this is for you, then just ask yourself… where else can I go to a jumpers combine and have officially recorded stats?

So to sign up now, just click the add to cart button below.

Online Jumpers Combine Registration Opening Soon

You Can Register For The Combine At The Event For…


***Please Be Aware – Our Checkout process will be under the name  “Social Proof Consulting.” If you pay by credit card it will be under “Social Proof Consulting.”

*** The Fee Will Be $75 If You Sign Up At The Event.

*** The Combine Is Not Available For The Youth Level***